Im - Great Priest Imhotep

    Ongoing | 42 chapters
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    • Hinome can't speak without belching fire, but is miraculously cured by a boy named Imhotep
    • Turns out this ancient Egyptian has crossed through time in order to hunt entities called makai
    • With him staying over, Hinome's normal high school life begins to change in many exciting ways
    The great priest Imhotep from ancient Egypt came back to life to find and defeat the Makai, beings that imitate Gods and whose only goal is to bring destruction to the world.






    PublishedJan 10, 2015 to ?
    SerializationShounen Gangan
    Last UpdatedSeptember 12, 2019
    Other namesGreat priest Imhotep, Im~イム~, Im: Great Priest Imhotep
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~120 days
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