Kimi dake ni Ai wo.
Kimi dake ni Ai wo.

Kimi dake ni Ai wo.

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Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Won't this love ever reach you, no matter how much I think about you...? 1) Kimi Dake ni Ai wo Sayumi finally got the courage to ask the guy she likes out, Yui-kun. Everyday her feelings grow more and more for him, but she also notices he keeps looking at another girl, Momoko. No matter what she does she feels he's not looking at her...Will he ever look at her only? 2) Tenen Missile Hanako attends the girls only school St. Silvias for young ladies. She has fallen in love with a guy from Koudan High School which is looked down upon by St. Silvias. She overhears the guy she likes mention to his friends that he doesn't like spoiled girls and would never go out with someone from that school...what will she do? 3) Simple Kiss Arisa is the senior to Yuuta in basketball at school. One-day after seeing a couple outside kissing they tried it too. They are now kissing friends! Arisa doesn't seem to notice that Yuuta wants to be something more than that... 4) Beware of the Pervy Guy! 18 year old Takeuchi Tomohiro is known as the Pervy man at school. He freely lifts girls skirts to see what they're wearing. Aya is always harassed by him. One day her brother asks her to return and pick up a porn video for him in exchange for cake. She is then confronted by Tomohiro at the video store and see's what she is getting!
Ayu Watanabe
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