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Kindan no Koibito is a collection of five emotional stories about the relationships that these characters go through, and how the feelings of love that appear as a result of this love can range from anywhere to happiness to anguish. They are, as follows:

1. Simple Kiss (by Watanabe Ayu)
2. Guruguru Pon-chan Okawari (by Ikezawa Satomi)
3. Akarui Mirai (by Miyoshi Maki)
4. Goodbye, Friend (by Kumaoka Fuyu)
5. Kimi ni Tsugu (by Ishiko)

Other Facts

Published2009 to ?
Last UpdatedMay 26, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesSimple Kiss, Guru Guru Pon-chan: Okawari, Akarui Mirai to Sensei, Goodbye, Friend, Kimi ni Tsugu, Betsufure Love Collection, 禁断の恋人