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Mishounen Produce

22 chapters | Completed | Rank 578
It's the start of high school, and bookworm Kako decides to "produce" her country bumpkin childhood friend, Kousei, so that he can become a good-looking and popular school idol. She models him after Lawrence, a character in a manga she likes, but as Kousei's transformation becomes a huge success and he extends his new character beyond what she asks for, what will Kako do? Will she find herself left behind in the wake of his newly found popularity?


Other Facts

PublishedNov 22, 2008 to Jan 24, 2011
Last UpdatedMay 31, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesHer Idol Boy, Theory of Evolution for Guys with Glasses, Megane Danshi Shinkasetsu, 未少年プロデュース, Mi Shounen Produce, Megane Danshi Shinkasetsu, Kế Hoạch Đào Tạo Hot boy, คนหล่อขอแต่งเฟี้ยว, Her Idol Boy, 明日少年计划, 少年改造计划