Nettai Shoujo

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      1. Natsu no Hajimari (The Beginning of Summer)
      Two friends spend their summer together.

      2. Suika
      On a summer day, what makes a girl go for a watermelon...?

      3. Yuudachi Kibun (Evening Rain Feeling)
      On a hot and humid day, two girls searching for a place to do more than kiss come face to face with their emotional issues.

      4. Sketch

      5. Natsu no Ari
      Yuko and Mika have been going out for a year now, but Mika seems to be too absorbed in watching ants dig than to pay Yuko any attention.

      6. Tainai Kaiki (Inner Revolution)
      Two girls are in the school pool when it begins to rain. They end up in the curtains in the multipurpose room. Mayu had previously confessed to Akami, but had been rejected as a lover, although not as a friend. But for some reason, Akami is moved to kiss Mayu today as she sleeps.

      7. Himitsu no Seseragi (The Secret Stream)
      Two girls, Risa and Tomoko, goes to a secret stream to purify their tainted hearts.

      8. Natsu to Ieba (Summer Is All About)
      Two friends enjoying summer and then realizing they have feelings for each other on their last day together.

      9. Birthday






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      Other namesTropical Girls, 熱帯少女, Natsu no Hajimari (The Beginning of Summer), Suika, Yuudachi Kibun (Evening Rain Feeling), Sketch, Natsu no Ari, Tainai Kaiki (Inner Revolution), Himitsu no Seseragi (The Secret Stream), Natsu to Ieba (Summer Is All About), Birthday
      Chapter 9: Birthday [End]
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        Chapter 8: Summer is All About
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          Chapter 7: Secret Stream
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            Chapter 6: Tainai Kaiki
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              Chapter 5: Natsu no Ari
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                Chapter 4: Sketch
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                  Chapter 3: Evening Rain Feeling
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                    Chapter 2: Suika
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                      Chapter 1: The Beginning of Summer
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