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Sakuran (IWASHIRO Toshiaki)

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 9180
Eita Jinbo is a student that has his brain inhabited by a weird creature that is supposedly an alien. At first, this otherworldly being's only goal was to observe Eita's behaviour and mannerisms, but then he announces that after a period of 5 years he will take Eita to his home planet to be studied as a biological specimen.

Of course, he sets up one condition: If Eita is able to guess his name within these five years, he will simply let Eita go. Will he be able to figure this one out, and maybe sort out some of his own issues in the meantime?

Other Facts

SerializationShuukan Shounen Jump
Last UpdatedMarch 5, 2018
Other namesさくらん(仮) , Sakuran (tentative)


Chapter 0: SakuranAugust 30, 2016