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Volume 1:
Seto Atsushi, the student council president, is tired of spending his days in the student council where there’s nothing but boys, and decides to recruit new members, but on one condition: they must be girls! Then Ozawa Kanae, a former delinquent, shows up in the screening for the secretary position carrying a bamboo sword…?! This is a collection of five related oneshots with a specially drawn short extra, "Classified!! Student Council Report!!"

Ch.1 Seishun Trickers
Ch.2 Seishun Trickers ~Newspaper Club's Komatsu-san~
Ch.3 Clear Sky
Ch.4 Brandnew Days
Extra 4.5 Classified!! Student Council Report!!

Volume 2:
Komatsu Akina is a passionate photographer for her school’s newspaper club. When Aoi-kun of the Student Council confesses to her, all of a sudden she has this huge decision to make. Since she has never dated before, Komatsu is confused as to whether or not she should date the extremely popular Aoi-kun, who is constantly surrounded by pretty girls.

Sakashita-senpai no Koigokoro


Other Facts

Original PublisherShueisha
PublishedApr 2009 to Jul 2010
SerializationDeluxe Margaret
Last UpdatedMay 12, 2018
Other names青春トリッカーズ, 坂下先輩の恋心 ~続・青春トリッカーズ~, 新聞部の小松さん 続・青春トリッカーズ, รักสุดใจคนวัยมันส์ (Thai), 青春愛搗蛋, Shinbunbu no Komatsu-san, Shinbunbu no Komatsu-san - Zoku Seishun Trickers