Shiawase no Kanzume

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      A collection of one-shots by manga-ka Kawahara Kazune.

      Shiawase no Kanzume:
      Emi has been dating Fujii-kun for a month now, but their relationship seems no different than when they were still acquaintances. Depressed that it's still a one-sided love, one day, she gets a prize called "Canned Happiness" from her local town's raffle. Unsure of what it is, she accepts it, but soon forgets about it until suddenly, a small man with a white beard appears in front of her...

      Otoko no Ko ni wa Wakarumai:
      Hasegawa Shinako has always been worried about her weight. When she secretly finds out that she weighs more than the guy she likes, she vows to go on a diet. Embarrassingly, he finds out and...?

      Million Words:
      Kitou is dating Kawai, a guy one grade below hers. Although things are going well enough, she still can't help feeling like the relationship will not last. They each have their separate worlds and Kawai will probably notice this soon...

      Kawaisa Amatte:
      Matsuda has always had a problem saying what she truly thinks in front of people. Once she gets nervous, she seems only able to say the exact opposite words she means to say, especially in front of Tsumura, the guy she likes. At this rate, he will abhor her in a matter of days...

      Itsumo Watashi ga Koko ni Iru:
      Kawamura asked Tanaka out as a favor to Kondou-senpai. The plan was that Tanaka would refuse, Kawamura would push harder, and Kondou would heroically come to Tanaka's rescue. The plan was NOT for Tanaka to say yes...






      SerializationDeluxe Margaret
      Last UpdatedMay 13, 2019
      Other namesCanned Happiness, 幸せのかんづめ
      Chapter 5: I'll Always Be HereJul 12, 2017more_horiz
        Chapter 4: The Opposite of Love is HateAug 30, 2016more_horiz
          Chapter 3: A Million WordsAug 30, 2016more_horiz
            Chapter 2: Boys Just Don't UnderstandAug 30, 2016more_horiz
              Chapter 1: A Can Of HappinessAug 30, 2016more_horiz