My Love Story!!

    Completed | 56 chapters
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    • Takeo, a bulky freshman and his best friend Sunakawa, who is very popular among the schoolgirls
    • On the train to school, Takeo saved a girl from a pervert, and new chemistry has grown between them
    • The Best Shoujo Manga at the 37th Kodansha Awards; this series is a must-read for rom-com fans
    Gouda Takeo is a freshman in high school. (Both estimates) Weight: 120kg, Height: 2 meters. With this intimidating figure and stance, he can be a very caring and nice guy, but most of the time he just gets misunderstood. He is content enough spending most of his days at school peacefully with his super-popular-with-girls yet insensitive childhood friend, Sunakawa.

    On a fateful morning, during a train ride to school, Takeo saves a girl called Yamato, from being molested by a pervert. Could this be the beginning of a springtime of romance for Takeo, or will it all fall flat on his face?






    SerializationBessatsu Margaret (Shueisha)
    Original PublisherShueisha
    English PublisherViz
    PublishedDec 13, 2011 to Jul 13, 2016
    Last UpdatedMay 21, 2018
    Other namesOremonogatari, 俺物語!!, !!قصتي, オレモノガタリ!!, 俺物语, Mano meilės istorija, Mi historia de amor, Mon histoire, My Story!!, Ore Monogatari!!, Oremonogatari!!
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