Shuuden Elegy

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    • One day, Ryou receives a confession from his underclass man, Miki, whom he rejects
    • Miki refuses to give up without a firm rejection, while Ryou gradually grows fonder of him
    • Followed by short stories of school boys falling in love and turning rejection on its head
    Gyakusou Escape (逆走エスケープ, Reversed Escape)
    One day, Ryou received a confession from his kouhai, Miki. Despite receiving a blunt refusal, Miki refuses to give up, and insists on following around Ryou everyday. Thus begins their unique game of chase -- but who is actually pursuing who?

    Alone Again (alone again)
    Bright and cheerful, Ayase always finds himself surrounded by people, yet he constantly shows a sad expression. The gloomy and quiet Tooyama is the only person in class who notices this, and is captivated by that side of Ayase. One day, he bluntly asks Ayase what he’s so afraid of. The very next day, Ayase, who always refuses others’ invitations, suddenly offers that he and Tooyama walk home together...

    Kuuki no Kyoukai (空気の境界, Boundary of Atmosphere)
    After being apart for a few years, Kyousuke is surprised to run into his old friend, Yuu, in town. Just like it had been in the past, Yuu’s kind and calm presence feel just as natural as the air. So how could Yuu kiss and invite Kyousuke's lover to his house so calmly, even after Kyousuke directly confronted him…!?

    Aka to Ao (赤と青, Red and Blue)
    With the end of high school drawing near, Akasaka decides to confess to his friend, Aoi. To his surprise, Aoi easily agrees to go out with him! But since it’s hard to figure out what Aoi is thinking, Akasaka can’t tell if his feelings are actually returned or not...

    Shuuden Elegy (終電エレジー, Last Train Elegy)
    Kenji and Tama first met on a station platform. Tama's eyes had been red from crying after being dumped by his boyfriend and he was curled up like a ball, just like a cat. Despite this, Kenji actually thought, "Love at first sight really does exist." Even though Kenji falls more and more in love with him every time they meet, Tama still laughs and cries whenever he talks about his ex-boyfriend. Yet, suddenly, they share a kiss…






    PublishedMar 15, 2014
    Last UpdatedApril 14, 2018
    Other namesLast Train Elegy, Gyakusou Escape, Reversed Escape, Alone Again, Kuuki no Kyoukai, Boundary of Atmosphere, Aka to Ao, Red and Blue, Shuden Elegy, 終電エレジー
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