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200 years ago, the world was ravaged by the presence of the Demon King and his immortal minions. The only ones capable of fighting them were members of the special Blavet clan, who were eventually able to defeat the Demon King. Peace was ensured for the next 100 years…

In the present day, 18-year-old Yuushi is the descendent of the Blavet hero, but with no demons, he doesn’t have much of a job and is just a freeloader living with his friend, clergyman Takeshi. But one day, Yuushi is approached by Captain Mali, who wants him to lend his power to her organization, “Mate,” that specializes in exterminating demons. It seems that recently Demon Masters have made an appearance, and they threaten to shatter the long-standing peace. But can Yuushi really live up to his legendary name…?


Other Facts

SerializationComico Japan
Last UpdatedSeptember 10, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesブラベ