Addicted to Curry
Addicted to Curry

Addicted to Curry

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Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Seinen, Drama, Slice of Life, Mature, Food
One day, a young schoolgirl named Sonezaki Yui encounters what looks like a half-dead man in the middle of the road! Not knowing what to do, she throws some food at him (so he can at least survive) and runs away. She then returns to her home, which is also her father's Ganesha Curry restaurant. The man who Yui encountered was Koenji Makito, who knew Yui's father Souichiro and was actually looking for him. Following Yui's scent, Koenji finds her and the restaurant. Koenji then finds out that the restaurant is going out of business and that Yui's father is going on a journey to improve his curry cooking techniques. To repay Yui's father for helping him out Koenji decides to team up with Yui to save the curry restaurant!
Kazuki Funatsu
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