Yakitate!! Japan
Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate!! Japan

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Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Drama, Parody, Food
  • Kazuma is an inspired 16-year old whose dream is to make bread for the Japanese people's taste
  • Optimistic, he sets out to Tokyo to enter the esteemed bakery “Pantasia” to start his career
  • Follow Kazuma as he faces trials head on to become the best baker and make pure Japanese bread
When he was 6-years-old, Azuma Kazuma’s sister dragged him (literally) to a bakery so that he could experience the taste of all sorts of bread. Amazed by the taste and the shapes of bread, Kazuma gets the opportunity to watch bread being made. The baker said that even though rice is Japan’s staple, he has a dream of making a pure Japanese bread, a Japan (where the “pan” part means “bread”)! Inspired, Kazuma from that time on does his best to make Japan as well, and through his experiments, he’s told that he has the rare gift of the “Solar Hands” -- where his hands are warmer and the perfect temperature to bake bread! Now that he’s 16, Kazuma now sets his sights to enter the famous bakery “Pantasia”! But many trials await before he can create Japan and join this esteemed bakery...
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Mar 18, 2002 to Jan 10, 2007
Shounen Sunday
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