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Aigan Cinderella

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 5878
A collection of very smutty one shots.

Pampered Cinderella:
It was the worst day for Kawasumi Wakaba. She just got fired from her job and her former boyfriend was cheating on her and he got to keep the condo! What's worse is that after a night of heavy drinking she wakes up and a total hottie-who-must-be-a-celebrity tells her that she's now his sexy work maid!

Love is Like a Fire:
Hina is madly in love with her firefighter boyfriend, Ryuuji. But when her friend asks her if she's afraid of him ever getting hurt and never coming home some day, Hina starts to feel insecure. What's worse is that a male co-worker notices and decides to take advantage of the situation!

Pleasant Travel:
Kana and her boyfriend, Hiroto, finally got to go on vacation. But while Kana thought Hiroto would spend time with her, he gets a call from work and completely ignores her! Frustrated Kana meets up with her new friend Lisa and her boyfriend only to be dragged into something "fun".

A Dangerous Love is Next to You:
Aya's childhood friend, Keiji, has always been rude and mean to her. When Aya finally gets a boyfriend, Keiji personally interferes!


Other Facts

Original PublisherBunkasha
PublishedOct 29, 2011 to Jun 29, 2012
SerializationMuteki Renai S*girl
Last UpdatedJuly 18, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesPampered Cinderella, 愛玩シンデレラ, Koi wa Honoo no You ni, Love Is Like a Fire, Kaikan Travel, Pleasant Travel, Yabai Koi wa Kimi no Tonari, A Dangerous Love Is Next to You