My Girlfriend's a Geek
My Girlfriend's a Geek

My Girlfriend's a Geek

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Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Drama, Slice of Life
All penniless college student Taiga Mutou wants is a cool job and a cute older woman as a girlfriend. So when he spies a Help Wanted sign outside an office and a hot girl inside, he applies for the job, no questions asked. After a few bumps at the beginning, things start going Taiga's way, prompting him to steel his courage and ask out Yuiko, that hot girl he spied through the window, on a date. And when she later asks him if it's okay that she's a fujoshi (a very, shall we say, distinct kind of comics/animation geek), he tells her it's fine out of sheer excitement. But poor Taiga has no idea how much trouble he's just gotten himself into!
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Jun 12, 2007 to Feb 15, 2010
Comic B's-LOG
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Yen Press
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