Hakushaku Reijou
Hakushaku Reijou

Hakushaku Reijou

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Josei, Romance, Drama
Colin lives in an orphanage with other orphans and Richar, her fiance. Richar is a rich noble who unfortunately lost his sight when he was young, however, he loves Colin despite not knowing her appearance. One day, Colin got the news that her family is still out there and set outs to visit them in Paris, France. Determined to get back to her family, she made friends with Anna, a poor common thief on the ship. Anna then learned about Colin's nobel family while chatting with her. When the ship got in a storm, Colin begged for help from Anna, however was betrayed by her due to her jealousy and evil mind. Anna really believed that Colin really died, so with the information that she heard from Colin, she pretended to be Colin and lived with Colin's family. Soon after, Colin was rescued, but she couldn't remember anything that had happened before... What is her relationship with the orphanage? And why is it that she can't remember the certain someone...?
Chieko Hosokawa
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1979 to 1987
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