The Earl and The Fairy

    Completed | 18 chapters
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    • Gifted with the ability to see fairies, kind yet lonely Lydia Carlton runs a fairy clinic
    • She is misled by Earl Edgar Ashenbert to find a sword, and is forced to become his consultant
    • Her ability and looks lead her to question her lineage, thrusting her deep into mysteries and lies
    In Scotland, within the outskirts of Edinburgh lives Lydia Carlton, who inherited her mother’s business of being a “Fairy Doctor” -- someone who is a consultant on fairy matters. However, Lydia is often thought of as a weirdo by the people in town, and so most days she’s left alone with her cat-shaped fairy friend Nico.

    One day, while traveling to London to visit her father, her life becomes tangled with Earl Edgar Ashenbert. She comes to find out that he’s of the legendary Blue Knight lineage, and he needs her help to retrieve a special sword that belongs to his family. Now Lydia is caught up in a world of nobles, lies, and fairies, and all the while she cannot stray from the mysterious Edgar’s side...






    PublishedAug 23, 2008 to Apr 24, 2010
    SerializationThe Margaret
    Last UpdatedNovember 2, 2018
    Other namesHakushaku to Yousei, The Count and the Fairy, 伯爵と妖精, Count and Fairy, Earl and Fairy, Hakushaku to Yousei - Aitsu wa Yuuga na Daiakutou, Hakushaku to Yousei - Amai Wana ni wa Kiwotsukete, 伯爵と妖精 ~あまい罠には気をつけて~, 伯爵と妖精~あいつは優雅な大悪党~
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