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Hana to Usagi

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 1376
1-3) Hana to Usagi
Our delivery service's regular customer, Aizawa-san in room 411, is always wearing a rabbit head… Why is he wearing something like that in the first place? Pervert? Every day he sends or receives delivery but you can’t see his face, and he’s almost mute, there’s nothing scarier than this. But one day, still wearing the rabbit head, he grabbed tightly onto my arm, “T-thank you, I’ll see you again tomorrow…” Saying it in such an embarrassed way- My heart beats so fast.

Extra - Actually I thought of a good way.

4) That Smile Once Again
Fujimura is a talented pianist who refuses to perform in the school's culture festival despite the student council president, Segawa, trying to convince him daily. Why won't Fujimura perform? And why does Segawa keep on pestering him?

5) Greatest Common Denominator
Tatchan and Shouhei are in a relationship. Shouhei wants to ramp it up to the next level, but Tatchan seems hesitant. Is this love just one-sided?


Other Facts

PublishedDec 7, 2011 to Apr 6, 2013
Last UpdatedNovember 4, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesFlower and Bunny, Ano Egao wo Mou Ichido, 花とうさぎ, Bokura no Saidai Kouyakusuu