17-sai: Hajimete no H

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      A collection of short stories revolving around a girl's first time!

      Story 1: A Boy's Suggestion, by SHINJO Mayu
      Kana is on a mission of love. How pathetic would it be if a senior like her completed high school without ever having had a boyfriend? That's when Takuya, a freshman with a reputation as someone you don't want to mess with, confidently asks Kana to go out with him. She has misgivings about him being younger than herself, but can she be adult enough to overlook it?

      Story 2: Virgin Beast, by MINAMI Kanan
      See Ren-ai Shijou Shugi, volume 2 side story.

      Story 3: Let's Go Be Daring!!!, by AYUKAWA Mio
      Yoshino has a crush on Kanou and is too shy to tell him, but if she doesn't act quickly some other girl might. Yoshino's friend tells her how to becoming daring: Don't wear any underwear! This secret technique certainly catches Kanou's attention when a brisk breeze blows Yoshino's skirt up, and... Yoshino needs to come up with a good lie, fast!

      Story 4: When I'm with You, I Won't Be Home 'til Morning!, by KOUSAKA Yuuka
      After two months and three days of dating, high schoolers Eimi and Hiroto are finally ready to have sex. Eimi is nervous, but Hiroto seems okay. She heard that he's a real lady killer and his ex-girlfriend was his college-age tutor. Can Eimi -- a virgin -- possibly measure up to the kind of experience Hiroto has had? What will it mean for their relationship if she can't...?

      Story 5: The Awakening of Love, by SAKURAI Miya
      High school girl Asuka has a boyfriend who's 23 years old, Hiroyuki. When people comment that older guys must be better in the sack, Asuka confirms it -- but she doesn't honestly know... because Asuka is still a virgin. Unable to stand it any more, she gives it up to Hiroyuki (who didn't know she was a virgin), but instead of bringing them closer together, it drives them further apart...?

      Story 6: Smooch Smooch Smooch, by MASUZAKI Yoshino
      Tomo, age 16, has a crush on the university student Yuuji. They even live together. Problem: Yuuji is her cousin! He's never had a girlfriend, but that's because Tomo harrasses him in a series of various "attack" styles. As her latest attack, designed to make Yuuji jealous, Tomo and her friend Samata pretend to have a relationship when they're in front of him. But when Samata becomes serious about Tomo, Yuuji knows he has to make a decision -- fast.

      Story 7: Sweet Desires, by SHIGANO Iori
      Maya caught her boyfriend cheating... Since then she has lost faith in men. But will this change with a sudden kiss, outside a bar... from a kouhai??!!






      PublishedJun 26, 2001
      Last UpdatedJune 2, 2017
      Other names17-sai Hajimete no Ecchi, First Sexual Experience at Age 17, A Boy's Suggestion, Virgin Beast, Become Daring, The Awakening of Love, Smooch Smooch Smooch, Sweet Desires, When I'm with You, I Won't Be Home 'til Morning!, Shounen no Susume, 17歳 初めてのH