Sundome!! Milky Way
Sundome!! Milky Way

Sundome!! Milky Way

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Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Seinen, Sci-Fi, Adult
Sakura Yoshitake is a 25-year-old salaryman working for a food production firm. One day he takes the day off to go to his grandma's 88th birthday. While driving home after the party he sees a UFO and crashes. He survives the wreck and finds a terrifying alien standing over him. He passes out and when he comes to, he is in his own bed in his own apartment, covered in bandages. Even more, he finds a beautiful blonde half naked woman sleeping next to him. When she awakes she tells him she has come to earth to be impregnated by him. However when he touches her, her embarrassment causes her to lose control and she turns back into the terrifying alien he saw before. How will he ever impregnate her if she can't control her embarrassment enough to ever let him touch her?
Kazuki Funatsu
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Jun 1, 2016 to ?
Grand Jump
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