The Friends-Eater Classroom
The Friends-Eater Classroom

The Friends-Eater Classroom

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Supernatural, Ecchi, School Life, Shounen, Horror, Adult, Mature, Tragedy
  • Shouta receives an email that is entitled "Game of Eating Friends"
  • He and his classmates try to go by the rules of this dangerous game in order to stay alive
  • People's sanity and trust for one another are tested in this cannibalistic game
Amano Shouta is an ordinary high school student with a crush on his classmate, Saeki Koharu. One normal day, the class receives a strange message on their phones titled “Game of Eating Friends” that states their health status and a “vaccine”. Saeki calls Amano to talk about the message on the school’s roof. Unlike Amano’s “healthy” status, hers reads as “infected,” and Amano is her “donor”. Suddenly, her head grows grotesquely and explodes, instantly killing her right in front of him! Now Amano’s class is open to the horrors of a cruel game where one has to eat their friends in order to survive!
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Sep 17, 2017 to ?
Shounen Jump+
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