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Dakedo, Ashita no Hanashi o Shiyou

7 chapters | Completed | Rank 11206
College student Akane and salaryman Keisuke. They eat together, sleep in the same bed, and have a seemingly peaceful life. Keisuke thinks of Akane as a precious member of his family, so he is always gentle whenever they have sex. However, whenever Akane experiences that kindness, he feels guilty because of the secret he decided to keep from Keisuke.


Other Facts

Original PublisherIchijinsha
Last UpdatedJune 28, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesだけど、明日の話をしよう, Dakedo, Ashita no Hanashi wo Shiyou


Chapter 6.5 [END]June 28, 2018
Chapter 6June 28, 2018
Chapter 5June 28, 2018
Chapter 4June 28, 2018
Chapter 3June 28, 2018
Chapter 2June 28, 2018
Chapter 1June 28, 2018