Penguin Prince
Penguin Prince

Penguin Prince

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Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
A Collection of 5 oneshots. 1) The Penguin Prince Ranko is a girl who is frightened by the students in her school until she is labelled as a "witch". Murakami is a good-looking boy given the title "prince" by the other students, especially the female ones. One day, Ranko discovered Murakami's biggest embarassing secret. By understanding the difficulties that Murakami faces as an idol, Ranko begins to know the truth meaning of love. 2) One Thousand Years Love Song It's about this boy who is always enthusiastic when it comes to class activities and attention, and a girl who scored the highest in Japanese history in the same class. She and the boy are appointed as the class representatives. And of course, she has a secret crush on him. Having to spend time with him everyday, she finds herself unable to suppress her feelings for him anymore... 3) Sitting Straight Tea Time t's about a girl who is being forced to learn how to act more lady-like by her sister by learning the proper way of the Japanese tea ceremony. She finds out that she will be taught by a boy who is a known delinquent in her school. However, that boy turned out to be perfectly fit wearing a kimono with no sign of the delinquent in sight. 4) Tea Time With Flowers And You The continuation of story 3 where both of them have become a couple. One day, the boy's first crush comes back and this makes his new girlfriend feel uneasy. Moreover, knowing that he had once confessed to that girl makes her even more anxious. Soon, she learns that he was challenged by that girl that if by the time she came back, he can perform the tea ceremony successfully, she might reconsider his confession. Will he perform well in the tea ceremony and be with his first crush, or will he turn the challenge down, and continue to be together with his current girlfriend? 5) Searching for Four-Leaf Clover He has always been told that he plays piano without a soul. He plays incredibly, but it's like hearing a machine play. One day, he meets a girl that by chance saw him crying while throwing sheet music. Being a considerate person, she believes the piece is important to him and returns it, but the boy scolds her for being a busybody. He realizes the girl's good intentions and apologizes to her. She tells him that while searching for his piece she lost her earring and couldn't find it. The boy finds it easily and he tells her the secret to search for things.
Kyousuke Motomi
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Aug 23, 2003 to Sep 13, 2005
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