Soul Catcher(S)
Soul Catcher(S)

Soul Catcher(S)

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Action, School Life, Shounen, Drama, Music
Shota Kamine is a boy who can "see" other people's hearts -- he sees hearts that are closed off, hearts burning with anger, and hearts that are hurt. He’s always wanted to use his power to help others, but he kept getting misunderstood. Discouraged, he comes to hate his power. Then one day, on the school rooftop he meets a boy named Hibiki Tokisaka, and gets his own heart grasped by the sound of his saxophone! Growing curious, Kamine decides to attend the band’s concert, and is shocked how their sound grips the hearts of the audience, healing them and opening them up! Kamine now finds himself interested in Hibiki, who succeeded in moving people’s hearts when he couldn’t, and he comes to find out surprising things about Hibiki’s own heart and past...
Hideo Shinkai
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May 13, 2013 to Feb 14, 2016
Shounen Jump (Weekly)
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