Anonymous Noise

    Ongoing | 94 chapters
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    • Nino likes singing and is a loner who walks around with a mask and headphones all day
    • A childhood promise with Momo keeps Nino determined to improve and win her heart
    • A love triangle erupts between three talented musicians aspiring to be the best in their field
    Nino likes singing and is a loner who walks around with a mask and headphones all day. When she was younger, her childhood friend Momo disappeared and they made a promise that they'll meet again with her song as a sign. While waiting for Momo to come back, she meets Yuzu and falls in love with the songs he composes immediately yet he disappears from her too.
    Six years pass and Nino reunites with Yuzu at school, but her song still unable to reach Momo.






    PublishedApr 20, 2013 to ?
    SerializationHana to Yume
    Last UpdatedSeptember 12, 2019
    Other namesFukumenkei Noise, 覆面系ノイズ, 假面Noise, 覆面系NOISE, In No Hurry To Shout, Masked Noiz, Unmasked Noise
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~18 days
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