Sousouki Reginald
Sousouki Reginald

Sousouki Reginald

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Supernatural, Action, Seinen, Fantasy, Psychological
In the quiet town of Faith-Delhi, three things haunt the night: mist, smoke, and demons known as “Pagans”. Pagans are the monstrous products of people who have died and have failed to follow the path to reincarnation, now doomed to feast on the flesh of the dead. The Twanbach Funeral Service Company specializes in hunting down these Pagans. Reginald Urbane is a vampire-like Pagan that has lived for over a century and has a craving for blood. Haunted by the death of a loved one, he starts to starve and is found by the Twanbach twins, Vanessa and Veronica. Instead of killing him, they find a fascination with him and recruit him for their gruesome funeral service...
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Nov 14, 2012 to Nov 20, 2013
Comic Meteor
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