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Boku to Kimi no Taisetsu na Hanashi

6 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 1329
Nozomi Aizawa has has kept her feelings for her schoolmate Azuma-kun a secret for quite a while, but the time has come for her to finally confess. His response, though, is far from ordinary! Led in circles by his hilarious tangents, these two awkward teenagers find themselves growing ever closer while muddling through misunderstandings and off-topic rants. When the airheaded stalker Aizawa-san finally connects with the petulant know-it-all Azuma-kun, the result is a romantic comedy worth talking about!



Other Facts

PublishedAug 24, 2015 to ?
Last UpdatedNovember 29, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesOur Precious Conversations, An Important Talk Between You and Me, The precious talk of me and you, Nuestra preciada historia, 我与你的重要谈话, 僕と君の大切な話, حوارنا الهام أنا و أنتِ