Haru x Kiyo

    Ongoing | 33 chapters
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    • Despite being a very tall girl that people make fun of, Koharu is content with her simple life
    • This changes when she decides to write a love letter to the most popular guy at school
    • A guy named Mineta finds out and tries to warn her, and things start to take an unexpected turn
    15-year-old Koharu Miyamoto is taller than most girls, and she only really talks to two friends. Despite this simple life, she’s pretty content, even though she hasn’t talked to a boy outside her family in over a year and has zero romantic experience.

    One day, she decides to send a love confession letter to the school prince, Hikawa, and gets found out by the aloof Mineta. Somehow, she and Hikawa end up dating! But is Koharu really happy? And why is she beginning to feel at ease when she’s around the no-nonsense Mineta…?






    PublishedMay 13, 2013 to Apr 13, 2016
    SerializationBessatsu Margaret
    Original PublisherShueisha
    Last Updated6 days ago
    Other namesKoharu-chan and Kiyosiro, ハル×キヨ
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~23 days
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