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    • Ren is a young Japanese composer who was accidentally enrolled in the Melite Conservatory of Music
    • When she arrives, she discovers that the school is a boy's school and is forced to cross-dress
    • In the all-boys school, she meets the group of talented music students with unique personalities
    You’ll never listen to music the same way after you dive into this score of bishounen classical composers!

    Taki Ren promised to her father that she would attend the prestigious Melite Conservatory of Music in Vienna to become a composer. When she arrives overseas, she runs into none other than the (womanizer) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! However, he’s surprised by Ren’s acceptance into his school -- because the students are boys only!

    Having no choice but to disguise herself as the male “Rentarou,” Ren must now go through lessons in music without anyone finding out her secret. But it seems like all nine of her classmates in Class S -- from snobbish Wagner to sleepy Beethoven -- have rather difficult and eccentric personalities!






    PublishedApr 9, 2015 to Dec 8, 2016
    SerializationGangan Online
    Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2018
    Other namesClassic, Classi9
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