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Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight

11 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 900
“He...is someone who lives in a world completely different from mine…”

In order to remain serious and earnest, Hanazawa Hinana lives life on a set schedule of duties and studies. Because of this, her best friends and classmates can’t imagine Hinana as any less than a perfect honors student.

And yet, Hinana secretly fantasizes about dating fairytale-type hot guys! So when the dashing actor Kaede Ayase films a movie at her school, she thinks she’s found her prince charming at last. Except...he turns out to be a huge pervert with a butt fetish!? What will happen to Hinana when Kaede starts having an interest in her…!?


Other Facts

English PublisherKodansha Comics
Original PublisherKodansha
PublishedApr 13, 2015 to ?
SerializationBessatsu Friend
Last UpdatedJune 11, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesCome to Kiss at 0:00 a.m., 午前0時、キスしに来てよ, 午夜0点前、来接吻吧, Come to Kiss at 0:00 AM, Gozen 0-ji, Kiss shi ni Kite yo, Gozu Reiji, Kisu shi ni Kite yo, 12 Midnight, Time to Kiss, Kuss um Mitternacht (German)