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28 July 2061 was an unlucky day for Raiji, in which he was falsely accused of being a groper on public transport. That evening, he joined his friends, Yuma and Osamu, to watch Halley's Comet. The comet appeared to arrive a few hours ahead of schedule, but it didn't just pass by in the night sky. Instead, there was a blinding flash, and all the people Raiji and his friends had been watching with vanished. Not only that, but the area around them was suddenly filled with nightmarish giant mushrooms and twisted human faces. In this new, violent world, the three of them will encounter dangers human and inhuman!


Other Facts

PublishedMar 9, 2013 to Nov 9, 2013
SerializationBessatsu Shounen Magazine
Last UpdatedOctober 31, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesGringo2061, GRINGO2061


Chapter 8: Sorting Operation [END]October 31, 2017
Chapter 7: Elder Safe HouseAugust 30, 2016
Chapter 6: AllianceAugust 30, 2016
Chapter 5: BorderlandsAugust 30, 2016
Chapter 4: Gringo 2061August 30, 2016
Chapter 3: Atrocious Fist-Backer IIAugust 30, 2016
Chapter 2: Atrocious Fist-BackerAugust 30, 2016
Chapter 1: First ImpactAugust 30, 2016