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Hokenshitsu no Kageyama-kun

6 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 2437
Hiyori, a high-school student with a complex about her small stature and elementary-schooler-like appearance, managed to get an injury thanks to her friends' teasing about her unrequited love. Unexpectedly, the infirmary is not only dark, but also has an underclassman, Kageyama, rather than the nurse. Even more unexpectedly, Kageyama suddenly confesses to being a vampire, having fallen for Hiyori at first sight, and asks her to be his food. How is the modest Hiyori to deal with this stubborn and addlebrained kohai?

Other Facts

SerializationLaLa (Hakusensha)
Last UpdatedDecember 27, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names保健室の影山くん


Chapter 6December 27, 2018
Chapter 5April 3, 2018
Chapter 4January 17, 2018
Chapter 3November 10, 2017
Chapter 2November 10, 2017
Chapter 1November 10, 2017