The Unfeeling Me
The Unfeeling Me

The Unfeeling Me

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Supernatural, School Life, Shounen Ai, Webtoons
  • Lu Lang wakes up to find out he became a zombie and his classmate An Baichu knows his secret
  • An Baichu offers him a way to eat in exchange Lu Lang is now a test subject
  • A love story brews as Lu Lang find out An Baichus true motives
Lu Lang was human once. Now, after losing a month’s worth of memories, he wakes up to discover his skin cold and pale, with a horrific hunger for human flesh -- in short, he’s somehow become a zombie! His classmate, An Baichu, seems to be the only one who knows of his condition, and he doesn’t let this information come without a price. He puts a monitoring collar on Lu Lang, and offers him a means to eat if he gets on his knees and begs. While being the unwilling test subject to An Baichu’s research, complicated emotions arise, all to shatter when it seems like he had a hand in Lu Lang’s deadly transformation...
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