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Lodoss Tousenki: Pharis no Seijo

2 chapters | Completed | Rank 10490
Takes place around 30 years before the events in the main series.

Lady of Pharis is a tale that delves deeply into the history of this magical island and introduces a whole new cast of characters including Flaus, a beautiful and savage warrior fire maiden, Bled, a soldier for hire, and Wort, a Pharis priest. When an evil duke uses black magic to unleash a demonic vampire spirit, the tenuous balance between good and evil that prevailed in Lodoss after the War of the Gods is disrupted. The stage is set for a conflict that will embroil the ancient kingdoms of Moss and Valis in a desperate battle with the Demon Lord, and Flaus and her companions join forces with the legendary King Gahn, the Warrior Order of Pharis priests, and a beautiful and mysterious woman warrior to defeat the evil that threatens to overwhelm all of Lodoss.


Other Facts

Published1991 to 2001
SerializationThe Sneaker (Kadokawa Shoten)
Last UpdatedApril 19, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLodoss Tousenki - Pharis no Seijo , Lodoss War - Dama de Pharis (Brazilian Portuguese), Pharis no Seijo, Record of Lodoss War - The Lady of Pharis, The Lady of Pharis, Lodoss-tou Senki: Pharis no Seijo, Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharis