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Meteor-san Strike desu!

13 chapters | Completed | Rank 11230
Claiming he needs to fulfill a long-ago promise, hero Hiro Kobayashi has been selected by the mysterious transfer student Yamada Meteor to protect the planet from aliens! The kicker? She claims to be an alien herself! Until now Hiro has been nothing more than ordinary, yet now he has to be the "hero who defends the earth"!?

Now bombarded with aliens and the fate of the human race, he feels lost. If he can't fix things, then humanity is doomed and the earth will fall prey to this "meteor monster"! Apparently "love" can save them, but that's another problem altogether... Will Hiro be able to rise to the challenge!?



Other Facts

PublishedAug 20, 2009 to Jun 22, 2011
SerializationMagazine E-no
Last UpdatedJune 2, 2017
Other namesMeteo-san Sutoraiku desu!, メテオさんストライクです!, Meteo-san Strike desu!, It's Meteor Strike!, The Meteor Strike!