Kagerou Daze
Kagerou Daze

Kagerou Daze

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Supernatural, Comedy, Josei, Romance, Shounen, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
  • After 2 years of being a shut-in, teen boy Shintaro leaves his house to go shopping for his computer
  • The mall he visits gets raided by criminals, leading Shintaro to meet the group "Mekakushi Dan"
  • Shintaro joins the mysterious group, learning about the strange powers they all have in common
The day that 18-year-old NEET (“Not in Education, Employment, or Training”) Shintaro Kisaragi finally leaves his room after being a shut-in for two years is the day his life changed forever. After Ene, the cyber girl that lives in his computer and digital devices, accidentally makes Shintaro spill soda on his keyboard, he’s forced to go out and get a new one. But at the department store, he’s suddenly confronted with a hostage situation! There, he crosses paths with a group of teenagers called the “Mekakushi Dan” (“Blindfold Gang”), who all have strange eye powers. When he’s eventually caught up into joining the group, Shintaro’s life takes an interesting turn…
Other Facts
Jun 15, 2012 to ?
Comic Gene
Original Publisher
Media Factory
English Publisher
Yen Press
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