Hi-Fi Cluster
Hi-Fi Cluster

Hi-Fi Cluster

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Supernatural, Action, Shounen, Sci-Fi
  • Peta is a high school boy doing pizza delivery, and is called a loser because he can't use Labels
  • He runs into a man wearing a black suit who asks his help on criminals involved with rare Labels
  • This is a world where people can download abilities in their bodies, whether for good or bad intents
The year is 2045 in Tokyo, Japan. The world has been revolutionized by the discovery of technology called “Labels” that allowed for the download of applications into the human body that gave anyone any talent they chose. Our main character, Peta, despises this world. He has been completely rejected by society due to his inability to use Labels. One day, he runs into a man in black with a prosthetic arm. He introduces himself as Kandera. Kandera is part of the special division in the police that utilizes Labels to stop Label-related crimes. After an incident with some shady figures, Peta now has to face the option of running away, or joining Kandera.
Ippei Gotou
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