Mori no Takuma-san

    Completed | 25 chapters
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    • Karin is a cute high school girl who has never had a boyfriend because of her high standards for men
    • She is set up on a blind date with Takuma who she finds to be the perfect guy, but he has one flaw
    • Karin slowly learns to truly love someone for who they are, no matter what imperfections they have
    Karin Sakuma is a 16-year-old girl whose idealized standards for the perfect guy have left her without ever having a boyfriend. This importance on how something looks even extends to things she buys, often without practicality in mind. One day, Karin's mom sets her up on a blind date with Takuma Morino, a guy who satisfies all of her requirements, but she later discovers that he is also overweight. Although Karin doesn't initially recognize him, she and Takuma had once played together as kids, during which time Takuma developed feelings for Karin and asked her to marry him, to which she nonchalantly agreed. Although he asks her to marry him again, she turns him down, but Karin later tells Takuma that she wants to spend more time with him to see what will come of it.






    PublishedOct 20, 2015 to Nov 5, 2016
    Last UpdatedMay 30, 2017
    Other names森のたくまさん
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