The Story of Saiunkoku
The Story of Saiunkoku

The Story of Saiunkoku

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Supernatural, Comedy, Josei, Romance, Harem, Fantasy, Shoujo, Drama, Historical
In the empire of Saiunkoku, Shuurei Kou is a young woman who is from a noble family that has lost its prestige and wealth. She dreams of being able to work in the imperial court, but such a respectable path is forbidden to a woman like her. Meanwhile, the newest emperor, Ryuuki Shi, wants nothing to do with governing and instead spends his time flirting with men. Desperate, the Grand Advisor asks Shuurei to be Ryuuki’s temporary consort and to make him a responsible ruler! If she succeeds, she will be handsomely rewarded. It’s Shuurei’s chance to follow her dreams -- but first she has to deal with this impossible emperor and palace life!
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Jul 8, 2005 to Mar 24, 2012
Beans Ace
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