Sabaku no Harem

    Ongoing | 35 chapters
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    • Though outspoken and unladylike, Mishe gets selected to join the harem of arrogant Prince Kallum
    • She is unhappy at first, but soon discovers how the seemingly depreciating prince really sees women
    • In Jalbara, a prince is searching for a wife and a commoner changes her view of royalty
    Mishe is a strong-willed girl that hates royalty -- and yet Prince Kallum of the desert kingdom Jalbara says that she will join his harem of wives!

    Most women in the harem are of higher class and would do anything to become Kallum’s wife -- but Mishe is just a commoner who wants nothing to do with him! But Kallum claims that he needs someone as bold as her if he wants to beat his older brothers to the throne. What kind of life is Mishe in for as a concubine, and what will become of her relationship with the arrogant Kallum?






    PublishedFeb 10, 2014
    SerializationLaLa DX
    Last UpdatedJune 2, 2019
    Other namesHarem in the dessert, Watashi no Oinari-sama, 砂漠のハレム
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