Koukyuu Days - Shichi Kuni Monogatari

    Ongoing | 38 chapters
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      Ten years ago, Hisui’s parents were cruelly killed and her brother was kidnapped for reasons unknown. Now Hisui works in the Golden Rooster Theatre Group as a cross-dressing actress, admired for her handsome looks and swordplay skills.

      When the Emperor attends a performance in the Capital City, Hisui takes one look and thinks he has an uncanny likeness to her lost brother, Kohaku! But the Emperor has taken an interest in Hisui as well, and has her join the house of his concubines! What kind of relationship will form within this chance meeting, and what dangers will the pair face?






      PublishedSep 6, 2011 to ?
      Last UpdatedMay 25, 2019
      Other namesHarem Days: Story of Seven-Starred Country, Koukyuu Days: Shichijoukoku Monogatari, Hana no Yukue, 後宮デイズ, Koukyuu Days, Koukyuu Days - Shichisei Kuni Monogatari, Koukyuu Days – Shichi Joukoku Monogatari, Koukyuu Days ~Shichisei Kuni Monogatari~
      Ongoing | New chapter every ~31 days
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