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Shiroi Kumo

14 chapters | Completed | Rank 15371
One volume of touching short stories revolving around life, death, companionship, and the deeper meaning to be found in the world around us.

Includes the following short stories:

1. Once Upon a Time
A lost little girl wants to find her way home...

2. See You Next Time
A girl calmly reminisces about her dead friend.

3. Imp in the Night
A little imp wonders why he's afraid of the night.

4. Sakura Antique Store
The story of an old watch sitting in the window display of the Sakura Antique Store.

5. Shiroi Kumo (White Clouds)
A beautiful and touching story about life, death, and the heartening belief that we will all arrive at the same place when our time has come.

6. Molehill
The story of a young mole who decides to become human so that he can see his girlfriend's face...

7. Land of Dreams
A girl is trapped in an endless dream...

8. Grape Picking
Two teachers discuss the godliness of children.

9. Let's Go Home
An elderly couple's reminiscences as they pay a visit to the village from their shared childhood.

10. The Story of a Flower
They don't have a mother, but...

11. The Road Where Flowers Bloom
A careworn man whose life stuck in a rut, a book with Sakura blossoms stuck in the pages, a mysterious woman who claims to have been killed by him, a childhood best friend's mysterious reappearance...

12. Egg Water
The taste of the water bubbling up from a well in the backyard of a little old lady's house...

13. Hoppie's Bear
The unlikely friendship between a lovelorn office worker and a strange -- and strangely mature -- girl.

14. To A Certain Place...
Returning home.


Other Facts

PublishedNov 30, 2004
Last UpdatedJune 14, 2018
Other namesWhite Clouds, しろいくも, The Road Where Flowers Bloom, Egg Water, Hoppie's Bear, To a Certain Place, See You Next Time, Molehill, Land of Dreams, Grape Picking, Let's Go Home, The Story of a Flower, Imp in the Night, Sakura Antique Store, Once Upon a Time