Tokyo Lastochika
Tokyo Lastochika

Tokyo Lastochika

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Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Historical, Tragedy
The year 43 of the Meiji era (1910) saw the beginning of westernization in Tokyo. After losing her mother, Tsumura Hana leaves the slums of Nippori to begin working as a maid for the wealthy Arima family. The day she begins work, the head of the household dies, and his son, Mitsuyuki, now takes on the role of head. Between nearly running over her with his carriage and then being polite to her, Hana has no idea if Mitsuyuki is kind or inconsiderate. When he tries to apologize by giving her his father’s pen, which he deems meaningless to him, Hana can’t understand how he can toss away something from his own family. In this changing era, both of their lives are also going to be dramatically altered by the other...
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Feb 15, 2010 to Oct 15, 2010
Comic Avarus
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