Dungeon Nursery
Dungeon Nursery

Dungeon Nursery

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Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Isekai
  • Callous business magnate Takashi dies by unfortunate accident and is reincarnated in a fantasy world
  • Takashi gains a summoning ability and must now conquer the top floor of the Dungeon of Purification
  • With his summoned sidekick Gobumi, Takashi has plenty of funny dilemmas in his medieval adventure
29-year-old Takashi Koizumi is a corporate vulture with no sympathy for the clients and businesses that he puts through hardship. Funnily enough, he dies in the least dignified way possible: slipping on a banana peel! When he awakes, he encounters a famous businessman named Mister Jackson who offers him a chance to “reset” his soul and be accepted into heaven -- all Takashi has to do is get through the “Dungeon of Purification”! Turns out Takashi is suited to be a summoner, but the only monster he manages to summon is the level 1 female goblin, Gobumi! Will they really survive this dungeon!?
Other Facts
Ganma! (ComicSmart)
Original Publisher
Square Enix
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