Dungeon Seeker

    Completed | 33 chapters
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    • Junpei had a lot of troubles as a high school student, but now he will have to face a fantasy world
    • Even here, his bully Kido has amazing stats while he is weak and jobless, making him frustrated
    • He ends up in a dangerous labyrinth after being betrayed, and swears to get out and get his revenge
    Takeda Junpei is a high school student that lives his days being bullied by Shouta Kido and saved by his childhood friend Tatsumiya Noriko. But one day, they’re all summoned by “God,” who cruelly claims that he’s going to relieve his boredom by sending them to a dangerous world of fantasy.

    Each of them is given a “job” and stats, and while Kido’s are amazing, Junpei is but a jobless weakling. With that, they begin new lives, but Junpei is soon betrayed and sacrificed to a labyrinth full of abnormal monsters. Now seething with anger, he fights tooth and nail to escape the labyrinth for revenge.






    SerializationAlphaPolis Web Manga
    PublishedMay 19, 2016 to ?
    Last UpdatedMay 18, 2019
    Other namesダンジョンシーカー, 异世界迷宫探索者, 던전시커, The Dungeon Seeker, Zindan Arayıcı
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