Yin and Yang Master
Yin and Yang Master

Yin and Yang Master

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Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Adventure, Drama, Webtoons
Seol Bong, a warrior from Goryeo, was washed ashore on a deserted island after a storm overtook his boat. Thinking for sure he was dead, he was suddenly rescued by another man on the island named Seimei. After a year of living on the island with Seimei, Seol Bong learns many things about his mysterious companion -- such as how quickly he learns Seol Bong’s language, his excellent survival skills, and the fact that Seimei has lost his memory. But Seimei’s greatest surprise is his ability as a Yin and Yang master. An opportunity soon arrives to leave the island when they discover Seol Bong’s shipwrecked boat -- but could even greater dangers await them by leaving the island?
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Daum, Kakao
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