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Due to a misuse of a word joke on live TV broadcast, girl group otaku, 'Jin-Kyung' ended up becoming doxxed and labeled as a "child predator", and ended up getting Social Anxiety Disorder. 3 years later, because of his past incident from the 3D world, his love for only the 2D world manifested, and ended up becoming a "Shut-In Otaku"! Then one day, as Jin-Kyung was no-lifing as usual, he was summoned to ‘Another World’, and came face-to-face with a bright-eyed, hopeful Summoner… Interesting enough, in the world that Jin-Kyung was summoned to, his Social Anxiety Disorder disappeared, and he was also able to wield immense power, and became the strongest summoned being there ever was!! The story of a former girl group otaku turned powerful 2D otaku, and the story of a weak and feeble Summoner commences now!!!


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJanuary 11, 2019
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names그녀의 소환수


Chapter 10January 7, 2019
Chapter 9January 7, 2019
Chapter 8January 7, 2019
Chapter 7January 7, 2019
Chapter 6January 7, 2019
Chapter 5January 7, 2019
Chapter 4October 26, 2018
Chapter 3October 22, 2018
Chapter 2October 16, 2018
Chapter 1October 1, 2018
Chapter PrologueSeptember 25, 2018