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Felix, who likes to watch different people and things on the subway, finally picks up a brush again after two years. Felix's roommate Harry is an eccentric yet brilliant person. The simple Felix and his roommate interactions are bizarre, and Felix has no idea that his roommate is watching his every move... But the surprising thing is, the artist's block that Felix came across oddly resolved itself all of a sudden, is it a coincidence or...?



Other Facts

Original PublisherNHN Entertainment
SerializationComico Korea (NHN Entertainment), Comico Taiwan (NHN Entertainment), Comico Thailand (NHN Entertainment)
Last UpdatedJanuary 7, 2019
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesЛоплоп, 롭플롭


Chapter 6January 7, 2019
Chapter 5November 26, 2018
Chapter 4August 24, 2018
Chapter 3August 16, 2018
Chapter 2August 16, 2018
Chapter 1July 6, 2018