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Picked Up A Little Fox

23 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 1157
The little fox goes downhill to avoid the calamity. She encounters the rich and handsome Professor Tian You. Getting along with each other day by day, the naughty and cute little fox gradually falls in love with Tian You. But the coming of the calamity makes the fox show herself in her true colours. And the identity of Tian You is also a mystery. At the same time, the brother of the fox who is a superstar also finds her and wants to take her away...


Other Facts

Last UpdatedFebruary 11, 2019
Other namesFall in Love With Fox, Jian Dao Zhi Xiao Hu Li, Lượm Được Một Tiểu Hồ Ly, 捡到只小狐狸