The Voynich Hotel
The Voynich Hotel

The Voynich Hotel

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Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Seinen, Mystery, Slice of Life, Horror, Mature
Welcome to the Voynich Hotel, a rundown resort located on an all but deserted island in the South Pacific. Owned by former Mexican wrestler Kandre Umeda, the hotel is maintained by two mysterious maids, Elena and Beluna, as well as a homicidal chef named Amelia. Kuzuki Taizou, a Japanese tourist, comes to stay at the hotel to escape from his dark past. Soon he discovers that the strange occupants and happenings of the island are even more abnormal than what he is used to. Taizou quickly becomes embroiled in the spiderweb of affairs on the island, growing close to many of the residents and helping them out, though often causing even more problems for himself. But when Taizou's past comes to the island to haunt him, his new friends jump to his aid...
Seiman Douman
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Oct 17, 2006 to Mar 17, 2015
Young Champion Retsu
Original Publisher
Akita Shoten
English Publisher
Seven Seas
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